(Tremendous activity in the cerebrum and another second, a pin drop silence.) Can’t I just take a break?  Break from? Endless gibberish and maverick đź’­ thoughts?  Maybe.  No, you have only invited that. How can you take a break from me? Why not? You are hell confusing. You register all my thoughts haphazardly and then… Continue reading Together 

People say the powerful always wins. You have to be powerful to face this world because weak stands nowhere. Maybe that’s why women need someone powerful to survive in this world. It can be their father or brother or boyfriend or husband. Any male in their life will do provided that man himself doesn’t want to… Continue reading


Ruh came and sat at the breakfast table looking grim and pale just like any other morning.  “Why don’t you take rest, Ruh?” Asked her mother making an omelette for her daughter. “I am fine mom. Bring me some food please, I got to leave in 50 minutes.” “This is not an answer to my… Continue reading Faith