From one idiot to another

Soon you shall start feeling all wobbly and shaky
your stomach may begin to churn and even imagining food can make you sick. 
Dodge all the questions that people put,

and relinquish at the attempts of looking at the brighter side. 
Be quick on your feet to sponge up all the unnecessary challenges or petty games that you yourself throw your way. 
You are at the beck and call of your mood swings,

wanting to cry and shout loud but too tired to process everything again. 
I know you want to breathe all the uneasiness out, 

but please don’t be a bigger idiot to think that you have to find a way out. 
For no alley will lead you to that door but acceptance, 

you need to welcome what you dread the most and pet your blemishes with a dutiful soul. 
Try to embrace them as no one else will ever do that for you, 

fight the battle with your flaws by your side for then there will be no inner war to cater. 
-Jasnoor Kaur


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