You didn’t ask for my opinion

As if it was something that didn’t matter at all.

If you could not see me through your translucent glasses of ignorance and righteousness, 
Let me tell you that I waited with patience and acceptance in my eyes,

Hoping for you all to have the same in yours. 

Till now I had complete faith that my light of perseverance will reach your door someday, and you would also try to understand me and put down your weapon of control for once.
I am saddened to say that that hope is diminishing by each day, 
I tried and protested against something that I actually felt was not justified but you never even cared to reason with my logic. 

Fucking the world is always easier than trying to bring the change. 
I started with the tougher road but it left me weaker and more vulnerable than I already felt.

You have mortified my already negligible self esteem and damaged me far more than you can ever fathom, 
now I have no choice but to stop giving a fuck to your opinion and take the bullets to my shield as lessons. 

I hope both of us will somehow be able to assimilate the guilt we are inflicting on each other. 

– Jasnoor Kaur 


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