People in my life 

I don’t know what I have done to deserve such amazing people in my life. I do not count on people that much in life but I can never deny that good people in your life are like icing on a cake. 

Their presence does sometimes inspire me to appreciate the beauty of my life and I feel so grateful to be living amongst such people. 

The small gestures by other human beings actually charge you up with quantums of positive energy and hope, hope in life and humanity. 

Braiding and styling my hair like pro, wasting your precious time to spam my Instagram and Facebook accounts, ready to accompany me anywhere without asking why, video calling me for no purpose whatsoever, massaging my head when it hurts, buying me ice cream, talking to me even if you are too sleepy to open your eyes, giving me all the tv shows when I ask for them, discussing about the universe with me, all these small things (which actually may seem stupid) require effort and time worth appreciating. 

Having people who genuinely feel that spending time with you is worthwhile and who are happy to see you develop and succeed are the people you should stick with. 
Being emotionally consumed and dependent on people is not what I support even though some emotional dependence is healthy but acknowledging their presence and what they have done for you is something everyone of us should do because other living cells are your latent strength, which boost you up everyday without you noticing it. 
So obviously you should choose your support system very judiciously. Getting hurt from the people you love is inevitable sometimes but you can ensure that that pain is worth embracing. 
-Jasnoor Kaur 


2 thoughts on “People in my life 

  1. I, too, oftentimes find myself in awe at the incredible supporting cast of my life. Even if I don’t know what I did to deserve them, I know gratitude is the way to keep them. And your commentary on codependency is insightful…hope to see you posting more again soon!

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