Tossing it to the other side of her bed, she stretched in a carefree manner as she read. 

Concoction of the books and music helped her sleep, 

But in the morning that carefree attitude of hers was perceived obscene. 

She was told by her mama that leaving it out in open isn’t allowed, 

and that she should hide it in a cupboard so that no one ever gets a doubt! 
Soon she understood that acting oblivious to its existence is qualifying the essentials of sophistication. 
Being rebellious for such a harmless thing hurt her brain, 

but people were quite vocal about the manners she gained. 
Scathing eyes followed her when she showed the strap consciously, 

but nothing saddened her more than the blunt and half witted remarks of the people who claimed to love her a lot. 
Succinctly put, she knew that she ain’t getting any real support ever anyway. 
-Jasnoor Kaur 


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