Everything has a flip side to which you can turn to whenever you really feel like. Growing up leaves you with no option but to choose sides, sides to your personality and the way you want to think. People always have options and the liberty to choose among the options but seldom have they really want to take sides or make a choice. We all are at some points forced to see the brighter or happier side because let’s just assume that we need to fool our brains. Fooling, it may seem at the beginning but it is vital to continue, continue with whatever you have at the moment and try to make something decent out of it.
The flip sides of the way you think actually make all the apparent difference. Not caring to moving forward or even moving and wanting to do nothing about it is a choice just like trying new things and embracing your small struggles is another choice. Doing both the things can be duping the reality because things may be never too ugly or too gorgeous as it appears in your head.
But choosing to look at a slightly positive side will save you from all the unnecessary suffering that you may be going through. Someone once told me that we can clearly see someone else’s situation and try to shield them for the harsh realities so why can’t we for once, try to stop being so skeptical for ourselves? We all deserve some humanity from ourselves.
A pat on your back and accepting your bad decisions never hurt you but your incessant skepticism and inability to accept your shortcomings may. Almost everyone has witnessed a constant poking in the head, reminding you every minute of where you are going wrong or what you just did was totally nuts or what would people think or how are you wasting your life, these constant reminders that your brain is so generous to provide you are harmful if only taken seriously. You are clearly a BAWSE if you just laugh at these alerts and be comfortable with who you are. You may call it synthetic happiness (because I do), but actually all your brain needs to know is that you have the control (even if you don’t). 

-Jasnoor Kaur 


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