“What did the egg say to the clown? You crack me up.”
 The crowd burst into laughter.
 A juggling tramp, ‘Tatters’ entertained his audience with his jokes and juggling tricks. Eyes and mouth painted white and an artificial grease painted beard.
After the show, Tatters went back to his green room to dress back as Steve. He opened the drawer for a wet wipe when he glanced at the photograph but today unlike the other days; he took it out to look at it. A blonde woman with high cheekbones was laughing at a clown’s performance in that photograph. 
Tatters couldn’t stop his tears washing away all his makeup as he looked at the photograph. Nostalgia hit him hard.
 It took him to the very day that picture was taken.

 Three years back, that morning, Steve had a terrible fight with his wife Laura. The conflict however was in Steve’s head, Laura offered to help and support his spouse but Steve had probably given up the hope and it burned him to think that Laura still had faith in him. 
 After the fight, Laura sat down with him at the edge of their living room which opened up to their garden. 
 “Can we go the carnival happening downtown today?”
 Steve looked at her with his tired and teary eyes,”Sure.”
 On their way to the carnival, no one spoke much. The carnival was filled with excited and energetic people, children gazing at the candy and toys stores with glittering eyes. The couple was the odd one out there. Laura was trying to pretend as if everything was okay and Steve didn’t like that. He couldn’t control and flipped out. 
 “I am tired of you thinking that everything will get back to what it was. Nothing is okay and you know it.” Steve barked at Laura.
 In between of this horrid scene, a photographer appeared from no where and asked Steve,”Sir, would you like a photograph? I can give you the picture in five minutes and it would only cost $2.” One couldn’t tell which poll hit that man that he asked such a question. 
Steve walked out of the carnival leaving her wife behind in the carnival.
Steve drove back home while Laura stayed there. Back home, Steve realized what he had done and he drove back to the place at once. He had left Laura four hours ago and he wondered what she were doing there alone. 
 When he got closer to his destination, he saw a gigantic traffic which included many fire extinguishing trucks and police cars. He was sweating with terror, couldn’t imagine what had happened. 
 He ran out of the traffic where he met a group of people who were talking about how bad the stampede in the carnival was and how many people were injured.
Steve couldn’t believe what he was listening. 
 He found Laura’s body lying near the roller coaster ride. Her eyes were wet and her head was bleeding. She held a photograph in her hand in which she was laughing at a clown’s performance.
 That photographer probably had clicked the picture of her. 
Bless him!
-Jasnoor Kaur


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