Coming Home (Part2)

“The accident had a major impact on his brain. Blood clotting in brain is hazardous.”
“Doctor, is he safe now?” Joe asked him. 
“We tried for 3 long hours but couldn’t save him. I am very sorry.”
“Oh my god! What are you saying?” Nuri cried in disbelief. 
Joe kept on asking the doctor if nothing could be done as if the doctor hadn’t tried his level best or if it could be reversed now.
Nuri’s mobile rang. It was from work. She stared at her phone in amazement and guilt. 
“I am going home, Joe.” Nuri murmured. 
Joe didn’t hear her and she didn’t noticed that. She took her handbag but her eyes were still on the phone. She grabbed it and started walking towards the elevator. 
Near the elevator there was a dustbin. Nuri was still staring at the phone just before she threw it in the dustbin. 
She drove home. 
Unbuttoning her over coat, Nuri kept the heels in the shoe rack and the handbag on the chair and went to the kitchen to fetch a glass of water. 
“Steph, I am home.” She cried silently, walking into her room. 
“I told you that we will talk in the evening when your head is clear.”
“Speak now.” She was speaking to the room,

“Is it about my w….work?” Her voice cracked. 
“No! No! No! Talk to me, Steph. You can’t just go without telling me what was bothering you.” Nuri was wailing loudly. “You are the most important person to me, work is nothing, nothing. Please speak something, please.”
“This is not fair. We were supposed to talk.”
“I am all here stephen.” 
She sat silently. Her whole body was silent now. Just looking at the place where he stood the last time, when he was talking to her in the morning. 
She could obviously give anything now to go back to the morning when she didn’t have enough time to talk to him. Anything. 
“Come home, Steph.” Joe heard Nuri saying this that night and many more to come. 
-Jasnoor Kaur 


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