Coming Home (Part 1)

Nuri lived in a New York apartment with her husband Stephen Green and brother in law Joe Green. Nuri came from India in the search of a dream job and indeed she got a house, love of her life and her dream job. 
People started bustling early morning in Green’s apartment. With a test tube containing a green liquid and a spatula with iron fillings, Joe was running some chemical experiments before finally leaving for the lab. Nuri was getting ready to manage her post of the content head for the second most read magazine in New York. Stephen was also getting ready for the office. Out of all, Stephen seemed a bit off colour today. 
“So Chinese for dinner, Steph?” Nuri asked while combing her knee length hair. 
“I will eat at the office. You don’t bother.” 
“Eating dinner is not something I would be bothered about.” She chuckled. 
“This joking of yours is annoying. Everything is not always funny and happy.” 
“Is everything all right?” She asked in a bit concerned voice now. 
“Oh! Thanks for noticing. Its just that.” Nuri’s phone beeped and she at once seized it to look at the message. 
Noticing that Stephen had stopped, she said,” Work. Andrew’s saying something has come up. Anyway you were saying?” 
“Nothing. Go to work and don’t waste your time here.” Stephen said in an annoyed tone. 
“What’s your problem?” 
“Yes right. I am the problem in this case.”
“See Steph, talk to me when you are quiet and calm. I fail to understand you presently so lets just talk in the evening and you are calm.”
Stephen left and Nuri thought that it’s just a mood swing. 
Nuri and Andrew were having coffee in Andrew’s office when Andrew mentioned about the elephant in the room. 
“Nuri, have you heard that Melinda Jones is now working for The Daily Nugget.”
“Oh! That bitch. How could she? I was expecting something like that to happen when my assistant Melissa told me that Melinda is in contact with the chief editor of The Daily Nugget.”
“Now we need some other professional writer to fill in Jone’s column.”
“I think Andrew that my interns are perfect for the job.”
“Are you kidding me? They are not experienced at all to handle such an important column.”
“We will change the column a bit and I think today’s youngsters only know what is trending so they are perfect for the column.” 
“Okay. Handle it your way then.”
Nuri took her coffee and her cell and went to the interns who were waiting for her in the conference room.
“I have a special job for you guys. Melinda Jones has left the magazine, so you guys have to get me an interesting article for the column. I will choose the best five articles. It can be anything so let your minds run wild. Youngsters should be able to relate to your articles. But mind you no slangs or curses in my magazine.”
Everyone laughed. 

Just then Nuri’s mobile rang. 
“Is this Nuri Green?”
“Maam, I am Duncan from the New York police department. Your husband Stephen Green met with an accident on the Broadway street. Please reach the City hospital as soon as possible.”
Nuri couldn’t believe what she just heard. 

Was it intentional? Because of the fight? 

No that’s rubbish! That wasn’t a fight and I didn’t even get what the fight was about. How bad could it be? 
All these thoughts were storming her head while she was rushing for the hospital. She tried ringing Joe but he was on another call. 
She reached the hospital and Duncan, the police officer on phone, ushered her to the waiting area where Joe was talking to a constable, asking him how did it happen. 
“Nuri, he had a terrible accident. He was crossing the road without noticing and that car… out of nowhere….”
Nuri fell on the sofa without saying anything.
“What does the doctor say?” She asked Joe.
“Haven’t met them but you don’t worry, doctors here are best at their job, everything will be alright.”
They waited for 3 hours and no doctor or anyone approached them expect the police officer Duncan. 
Finally the doctor came and Joe rushed to him. 


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