People say the powerful always wins. You have to be powerful to face this world because weak stands nowhere. Maybe that’s why women need someone powerful to survive in this world. It can be their father or brother or boyfriend or husband. Any male in their life will do provided that man himself doesn’t want to use his power on those women. 

Both the genders coexist from the beginning but there is still an uncanny gap between them. Girls are expected to be mature at the age of fifteen but boys can live with the knack of irresponsibility forever because women are there to do all the understanding and compromising. I think in the beginning of mankind, women must have done something terrible that’s why till now they are making up for it. Can there be any other reason? Please write in the comments if you think there is.

Men are always given the right to judge a female from her demeanor or if she is able to manage her house properly. The thing that amazes me the most is that women themselves have accepted this way of living and they are passing it on to their daughters, telling them that this is how things work on our Earth. 
Women have accepted that men will be men so we should be cautious enough from letting them harm us in any way. I think that makes sense, if you can’t stop others then better watch yourself. But if it is not the cause then how can it be the remedy? If it is really a remedy, tell me, I am definitely up for it. 
-Jasnoor Kaur 


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