Ruh came and sat at the breakfast table looking grim and pale just like any other morning. 

“Why don’t you take rest, Ruh?” Asked her mother making an omelette for her daughter.
“I am fine mom. Bring me some food please, I got to leave in 50 minutes.”
“This is not an answer to my question. This way you will get sick darling.” 
“Ya, okay. I will take care. Now please hurry.”
Ruh gulped all the food and ran to her room to get tidy and leave for work. 

Ruh had been toiling for a project for one and a half months. It was very important to her, her only opportunity to prove herself at the workplace. 
After 15 minutes, clatter at the staircase was heard and Ruh came in hurry to bid adieu to her mom before leaving for work. 
“Before stepping out, pray in front of God, asking for happiness and health.”
“I am late, I will do that on my way.”
“God is the only one who will make you successful, girl.”
And before Ruh’s mother finished her sentence, Ruh was out in the driveway. 


She sat in her car and tuned in her favorites in pop. On her way, she appreciated the bright sunny day, smiled at the twins who were walking to the school with their mother. 

She was driving just when she saw an old lady waiting road side to cross the road. She plummeted the speed of her SUV and put it to a stop for the lady to cross. The old lady looked at Ruh with glittering eyes. That probably made her day. 
Ruh worked very hard all day on her project as just a week was left in its launch.  
She came home late in the evening exhausted but when she saw her mother who was in the kitchen preparing Ruh’s favorite dessert; phirni, all her tension and tiredness flushed. 
She helped her mother in setting dinner on the table and talked to her about what all had happened the whole day. Thats when her mother brought up the conversation. 
“Ruh, from now pray thrice a day till your project launch.”
“Mom, thats bullshit. Like, what sense does it make.”
“You are never ever going to say this again. I feel that you are a non believer but I wont let you be one. You don’t know his powers yet.”
“Mom, I only focus on my powers.” 
Her mother was boiling with rage now. 
“You will cry and run to God then when you will fail. I am warning you. His support is all you need.” 
Ruh didn’t want to fight with her so she didn’t say anything further. 

But Ruh was hurt. She believed in the good and doing good but all this religious monopoly over the good beleaguered her mind. 
After a week, it was finally the day Ruh had been waiting for. She was very nervous and fearful. 
Unfortunately, it went downhill. Her project couldn’t attract much sponsors and they were forced to shut down the project. 
Ruh was very disturbed after this. She went home and told her mother. 
“This was ought to happen because you had no faith in the lord.”


Ruh smiled calmly and uttered, “Mom, it is written in our holy book that ups and downs are a part of life, you shouldn’t give up but keep moving on. I am disappointed now but I will not stop working on my project till I successfully launch it.” 
After making some changes in the marketing strategies of the project, Ruh successfully launched it and made her mother proud. 
-Jasnoor Kaur 


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