She was constantly looking at her lap for hours now, as if urging her legs to repair themselves. Waiting for some magical spell to run through her spine, down her hip and to her feet making her walk again instantly. 
“Mother, we are going to Chandni Chowk. We have to do some shopping for Diwali. We will be back soon.”
“Very well.”
“Do you need something?”
“Yes. I need some diyas. The red and golden ones.”
“Okay. Sure.”


“Umm mm Jay?”
“Can I go with you guys?”
“Yes but it will be very crowded, how will you be able to walk that much?”
“I will just sit in the car while you guys do the shopping.”
She went with them and Jay left her mother in the car with the window to her side down as she asked. She didn’t want to sit in a closed sedan with the AC on. 
She kept looking at the people going in all the directions; busy shopping or doing their work. The market was so jam packed with shops that a static person could not count the number of shops on one side of the street. 
The whole place was glittering with mirror hangings, strings of bulbs, electric diyas and new innovative decorative items ,she was unfamiliar with. She was watching all this and she was elated. 
For a moment, she forgot how old and weak she was. The sad reality of her fading health skipped her mind.

 She was in a whole new world of nostalgia ,remembering her visits to Chandni Chowk when she was young.Passing through narrow lanes with a dozen bags in each hand and still searching shops for more. So tired to even put a step forward but end up walking all the way to the other end of the market to eat jalebis. 
The old lady started weeping as she was so much missing her youthful days. She peaked out of the window and saw a puppy near her vehicle, playing with a broken spherical wooden frame which must had been a decorative light for the festival. 
That dog didn’t have a hind leg and one of his fore leg was bandaged. The dog looked so gay, the old lady could tell that the dog was actually missing out on nothing despite of his inabilities. 

She cried even harder. 
She finally stopped weeping as she saw her son and his wife coming towards the car. 
“Mom, we are back. We got your diyas. Also, Meenal bought you rangoli colours.” Jay said. 
“Jay, I want to go to the jalebi shop.”
“Okay. We will take the car there.”
“No, I will walk. You both stay in car.”
“Mom, let me come with you. You wont be able to go by yourself.” Meenal said.
“I want to walk by myself. Don’t worry, I will be fine.”
“But mother?”
“Dear, my inabilities only make my journey more celebrated and worthwhile.” 
She then stepped out of the car with her stick, making her way carefully through the crowd. 

Jay and Meenal could clearly see that their mother was the most cheerful person on the street, with her face glowing like diwali diyas. 

-Jasnoor Kaur 


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