Dean tried once again but fell.
He was filled with anguish and dirt. His throat was dry and limbs hurting.
“One last try”
He got up from the ground and cleaned his hands from the back of his knickers. He clutched the trunk of the tree tightly and started climbing it.
His feet froze and he fell again. 
“It is never going happen, Dean. You just do the normal.” he said to himself.
He dressed up and went to school.
During games period, Dean went out to play in the ground with his best buddies, Jo and Luke.
“Guys, how can you both climb a tree just perfectly?” Dean asked
Both Jo and Luke laughed as if Dean had cracked a joke.
“It’s just climbing a tree Dean. If you have a pair of hands and legs, you can do it just perfectly.” Jo giggled. 
“Yeah. Whatever.”
“Please, both of you just stop these meaningless talks and help me in forming my revenge plan for Ted. We will show that boy, what it feels like to insult Luke Dursley.” Luke said. 
“Have you gone mad, Luke? Don’t act in haste, Ted was your good friend, least you can do is not talk to him until he realizes that he was wrong. He will surely come to you, once he realizes his mistake.” suggested Dean.
School was over and no one talked about the revenge plan any more. 
Dean was in his room which was actually an attic but well furnished. It consisted of a lot of books piled up on the floor neatly and posters of FC Barcelona squad on the wall. Dean loved football and he played well too. 
He was sad that day because he couldn’t climb a tree.
Till night, he was worse. This feeling that he couldn’t do something so easy, made him feel hollow.
It was such a small thing but another failure for Dean. 
Next morning, the boy didn’t want to go to the school. He felt like lying down and not thinking about his negatives but school’s playground would remind him of that climbing thing again.
He took off for two days and didn’t eat or talk properly too. His mom got afraid and thought of calling his friends over so that they could ask him about his problem.
When Luke and Jo came by, Dean was depressed.
Dean didn’t feel like talking but after much persuasion and support, he spoke it out loud.
“I am good at nothing. I can’t even climb a tree. Yes! I can’t. Leave alone being uncomfortable in front of strangers, not being able to break the rules. I am not as funny and cool as you guys are. I don’t even know how to talk to girls.”
“Ok, these are the things you can’t do but what about the things you can?” Jo asked.
“That list doesn’t exist bro.” Dean said.
“It sure does. Dean, today because of you , I didn’t lose a dear friend, Ted. If it were for me, that guy would hate me but I did as you said and he did come back to me and said sorry for his behavior and I also said sorry.” Luke cried.
“Seriously? I thought you would get your revenge at any cost?” 
“I would have done that buddy because of my ego but you see things clearer and you always act strong and humble. But I guess, I was wrong. You can’t even see your positives clearly. All you can see is ‘I am bad at this and worst at that’.”
“Dean, you bear the qualities, people wish they could have had. You always have a scope of improving where you lack or learning from your failures but never just focus on them so much that you forget that you are the Messi of your positives.” Jo concluded.
Dean laughed. 

-Jasnoor Kaur 


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