Like any other regular morning, I got up late and dressed up in haste. I am usually dropped to college by my father. On the way, he casually asked me, “Why is this crop top so short?”
And I answered,” No dad, it’s not.”
And he said,” Don’t wear such kind of clothes.”
We have reached the destination and then something unusual happened.
My dad held a chain in his hand. He tied my hands with it. I was so astonished as to what is happening that I couldn’t speak and he left me on the road with my hands tied.
I unchained myself quickly and went to the college.
I had apparently forgotten about the chain incident.
College is fun. Eating. Talking. Repeating.  
A very dear friend of mine was not her usual today. I asked her a couple of times but she didn’t reply.
After my repeatedly irritating her, she whispered, “periods.”
“Ok, it must be period pain then.”
She watched me in amazement.” Girl, watch your pitch.”
I didn’t notice the pitch of my voice because I never do. But I didn’t say anything further.
After a few minutes, she stood up and went to loo. But before that she tied my hands with a chain. Effing Hell. How can anybody tie my hands without my consent?
I untied myself.
In the evening, a friend visited me. He had to borrow some books. After he went back, my mom entered my room with a “we need to talk “look on her face.
“You are not supposed to call boys at your home.”
“Mom, he needed those books.”
“I don’t want to fight. You want to make this home a warzone but I want peace here. Please.”
I couldn’t understand. I wanted to protest but withdrew because I generally have no energy left in my body when it comes to explaining stuff.
She began to walk towards the door but before that, yes you guessed right, she chained my hands. I shouted this time and didn’t let her chain my hands. I then stormed out of my room.
A voice awakened me.
Hush. It was just a dream. I noticed my wrists. No chains. Thank god.
I folded the sheets and went to fetch the newspaper.
A realization suddenly came over me that I never unchained myself in reality.


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