True Love 

“I could die for him but not live for him” my friend cried. From the last four years, I have seen that just a thought of him could make her cry and laugh at the same time. She desired of just one thing.

She gave all her heart and soul bluntly to the desire. She concentrated all her strength in him. Investing four years in someone is not a child’s play. He had many admirers but none like her and even he knew this.

Loving truly is my friend’s only strength and weakness whereas he is a product of our coward and hypocritical society.

They talked to one another, remained friends for three years and five months. He never asked her to go, maybe because he had never witnessed such an intelligent company before and she never wanted to leave.

But in the 6th month, he texted her that there was someone else. “Why now?” She thought.

She realized that she was nothing but a leftover. 

Knowing that her true love was actually so untrue shook her hard but she marched past it, painful that it was to look for some other thing to invest all your energy and desire in but she tried and succeeded. Forgetting him wasn’t easy but he himself made it easier by showing her who he really was. 

She realized that true love is indeed grown and developed and not found in shallow souls. 

-Jasnoor Kaur


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