Self Esteem

Princess Layla lay on the floor of her room in front of the fireplace, silently crying and sniffing. She was thinking of all that had happened earlier the same day and about how she failed again.
“Layla, why are you sitting on the floor?” her mother cried, standing at the door, holding a tray of food. “You are wearing such a beautiful silver laced blue gown, do you want it to get all grubby and wrinkled?”
“Mother, leave your good for nothing daughter alone.”
“Don’t say like that princess. I knew you are upset because after days of practice, today you were not able to ride a horse in front of your father. But girl, you will learn it in due time.”
“No, I won’t. I tried a thousand times; it’s not going to happen.”
“You are good at baking, writing poems and sketching. These are the qualities a girl should possess. Your brother can ride you to any place you wish.”
“Mother, you won’t understand, I wanted to prove myself and be good at something which needs courage. Forget it. I am not hungry.”
Layla ran out of the room.
“Layla, stop!”
But she didn’t listen.
After running for half an hour in the woods, Layla stooped to catch breath. There she saw an old lady in her eighties, sitting on a rock and weaving a robe of white color which was so long that the whole city could fit into it.
“For whom are you weaving such a long and huge robe?” asked the princess.
“Anyone who wishes to wear it.”
Princess couldn’t understand what the old lady meant.
“Girl, what are you doing alone here? Where’s your horse?”
“I can’t ride any.”
“Princess you have several men to teach you how to ride a horse.”
“I am too afraid of everything. They have tried but were not able to teach me. Wait how do you know that I am a princess?”
“Your attire, girl. I can help you learn horse riding.”
“How in the world can you teach me horse riding.”
“I have a magical fruit, if you will eat it, you will ride any horse perfectly.”
The princess was amazed. “Are you a witch?”
“You can call me that, princess.”
The old lady handed her the fruit and cried, “Just remember that this fruit won’t work if you have fear inside you. For the fruit to work, you have to believe in yourself.”
“Okay, Thanks lady.”
The next day, princess ate the magical fruit and sat on the back of the horse, full of confidence and zeal.
She rode the horse just fine.
“My dear daughter, that was quite an improvement. Practice more and you will be perfect.” exclaimed her father.
The princess was elated; she rode to the woods to thank the old lady.
She found her weaving a new white robe from scratch. Layla didn’t bother to ask why.
“Your magical fruit has worked very well. Thanks old lady.”
“Why are you thanking me, I have not done anything princess and that fruit was not magical.”
“What are you saying?”
“I plucked the fruits from those trees,” she said pointing in the north direction.
The princess couldn’t understand a word she said.
“Then aren’t you a witch?”
“What is your full name, old lady?”
“Princess, you can call me Self Esteem.”


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