I always had the ability to look at the moon continuously, just looking at its visible craters which seem beautiful. Yes, big holes on a barren rocky land can also appear beautiful from a distance. Its been twenty minutes and I am still watching the gibbous moon and rocking in my worn and noisy rocking chair. Well Its the maximum of rock I can do at the age of seventy five. 
I like watching the moon from my childhood and I remember no particular time but one. Those were my college days maybe, I was talking to Akira on my phone. She used to be my bestie back then. 

I was looking at the moon and simultaneously talking to her. Yes, I could do some pretty good multi tasking back then. 

After our mind less talks of half and hour, I suddenly asked her “What do you think , how long will our friendship last?”

She couldn’t answer. Obviously.

But after my repeatedly asking, she said,” maybe forever. Yes, forever.”

At that time I was also pretty sure about it. 
Till we completed masters, we had a brilliant connection, talking every alternative day and meeting once every fourteen days. 

Nothing will change ever. 

But I was wrong. 

 We got our jobs in different countries altogether. There was some emotional talking on phone for a few weeks but after we settled in the alien land, visually reading of each other’s voice and expressions was the only choice we had. So much engrossed in work, I used to forget texting her for weeks. 

Then she got engaged and I also started looking for my special one. It was fast I think but I attended her wedding with my fiancé. 
No connection left. No texting. 
Then she called one day telling me that she and her husband were moving to my country, to a nearby city. I was exhilarated. 
We were geographically very close but had our families and job to look after.

 Time passed by.
“Coffee is ready, Jane.” Akira said.

I was looking at the moon for last forty minutes. Nostalgic old woman.
“I was just thinking about us, you know from the beginning.” Akira sat next to me holding her coffee mug. 
“Sip it and tell me how is it?” 
Now we are free from work and kids. Every Saturday she comes at my place and we spend a day together. 

Indeed it is forever. 


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