5:15 AM- I am awake on the first call of my alarm, without snoozing it even once. It’s my first step towards the big change I am planning to bring. Now I have to head to exercise. 
6:50 AM- I am ready for office. The cab hasn’t arrived yet. I am reading the newspaper which I used to do earlier also but from today it’s kind of a ritual and my another step for changing my world. 
7:25 AM- On time! Now I have to start my day with loads of positivity and hope. 
I am in my cabin and have started with the work, the work I have to excel at and for that I have to love what I do.
In my imaginary list of changes in life (for my betterment) this one is highly important. 
1:36 PM- I had lunch and now I am out of the office for some work with my clients. I reminded myself that I have to appear confident there.

During the drive I have reevaluated the day till now and I am satisfied. Successful change. 
5:00 PM- Today the day is hectic but I am doing everything punctually. I am best among my colleagues and they are surely noticing the great change in me. 
7:00 PM- Just winding up my stuff and leaving my cabin.
7:15 PM- Reading a novel which I have started the previous week because we just have to find the time for the things we like doing. 
8:00 PM- I have reached home. Parents are a bit annoying but I don’t have to lose my calm. This is for my improvement.
9:00 PM- I have to get done with some office work and then we will sleep peacefully. 
10:23 PM- My boss just emailed me that my presentation was brilliant. What else can I ask for ?


11:24 PM- I am tired but secretly proud of my well worked out plan of the changes that I have adhered to today.
12:28 PM- Something is missing. I am trying to sleep but I feel like my brain is fucked up. But why? I cannot count on anything bad happening to me in the day. Then why am I not happy? 
I feel like I am inviting trouble again unnecessarily. This plan of mine was to make changes and amend everything. 
But I guess changes aren’t that easy after all.
Well I will try again tomorrow because I can’t afford to fail at this anymore. 


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