In the serene hills, people often stopped to listen to a tranquilizing voice of a lady. Humming a soft tune amidst the hills of tea leaves, Parvati plucked the leaves joyously and put them in her basket. This was her ritual and it gave her happiness of living. The hills echoed by her music. She listened to the canaries humming on the trees; music of the tea leaves when wind blows and bees buzzing. She said she was inspired by nature for singing. There was no TV or radio in the village so she knew no songs. It seemed that the chirping of birds and wind through the leaves whispered a song in her ears. Parvati was known for her melodious voice in the village. She was sent to the nearby city so that world can appreciate her talent of voice. While auditioning in an auditorium jam packed with people, electronic amplifiers and speakers, Parvati closed her eyes to start her song but she didn’t get any inspiration from within. She tried her best to sing but neither she nor the public could appreciate her singing. She tried listening and learning some songs but they were so loud and uninspiring to her. Years of struggle in cities, led her nowhere. Parvati was now a grim and irritable woman with a harsh voice. The noise of city changed the lively and happy Parvati.

In cities, there were no singing tea leaves, humming canaries or bees and that’s why there was no Parvati.


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