Joy of our Lives

The sound of my alarm clock is noise to my ears. I switched off the alarm and went back to sleep. It was then that my cellphone started beeping. The lock screen was stormed with messages. I felt as if the Bolton army had attacked me. I started checking the chats and simultaneously took my clothes and went to bathe. I came out of the bathroom completely updated with the future get together plans and the post break up stories of my friend. I got ready early as the cab was still not here, so I thought why not check Facebook once before leaving.

Game of Throne spoiler. Quote on Life. Some group selfies. Quote on Heartbreak. Memes. Wedding Dairies. Quote on Heartbreak.

And the Cab was here.

The weather was great, so I tried taking some candid pictures of me looking outside the window. After taking approximately 20 photos, I posted one on Instagram.

I worked without stopping till the lunch time because I had to achieve the target. In the break only; I got to see my colleagues. We sat together and opened our lunch. Everybody knew that today was going to be a hectic day so everyone brought their lunch with them. We talked mostly about Aanchal because she was getting married and we had to throw her a farewell party. We couldn’t decide any place. With no progress in the plan, we went back to work.

On my way back home also, we were deciding about the venue of the party and simultaneously I was texting my other two friends, one just had a breakup and the other wanted me to help her in choosing the Facebook display picture.

I came home with a headache and exhaustion.

I heard about some terrorist attack on TV so to know more I searched Twitter. Then after researching there, I went to eat dinner, tweeting about how shocked and sad I was feeling about the attack.

Then I went to bed looking at the Instagram pictures of others, there were no new uploads so I kept refreshing the page. That made me irritable.

My father said,” You are looking annoyed. Has something happened?”

“No. Nothing specific.”

“In your whole day, have you done anything for yourself? Anything that gives you joy?”

I was completely blank. All I could think of was my Instagram upload.

“I can’t remember of anything right now.”

I set my alarm for tomorrow, Switched off the Wi-Fi and went to bed.


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