You didn’t ask for my opinion As if it was something that didn’t matter at all. If you could not see me through your translucent glasses of ignorance and righteousness,  Let me tell you that I waited with patience and acceptance in my eyes, Hoping for you all to have the same in yours.  Till… Continue reading Control


Tossing it to the other side of her bed, she stretched in a carefree manner as she read.  Concoction of the books and music helped her sleep,  But in the morning that carefree attitude of hers was perceived obscene.  She was told by her mama that leaving it out in open isn’t allowed,  and that she… Continue reading Bra


When every thought is indecisiveness and every movement is just for the sake of it.  But a quantum of inspiration gear you up for whatever may come.  When your every feeling comes with a doubt in itself.  But a word of warmth is like sunshine caressing your face.  When there is no “should” in your… Continue reading Chaos


Everything has a flip side to which you can turn to whenever you really feel like. Growing up leaves you with no option but to choose sides, sides to your personality and the way you want to think. People always have options and the liberty to choose among the options but seldom have they really… Continue reading Choices